Numeca's Unstructured Full-Hexahedral Meshing Software


HEXPRESS™ generates non-conformal body-fitted full hexahedral unstructured meshes on complex arbitrary geometries. In addition, the advanced smoothing capability provides high-quality boundary layers insertion. 

HEXPRESS™ and HEXPRESS™/Hybrid use a similar volume-to-surface approach, suppressing the need for a surface mesh. Both systems run in batch or interactive mode and are interfaced to all major commercial CFD codes.

This product is part of AutoMesh™.

Key Features

  1. Full Hexahedral Grids (no prism, no tetrahedra, no pyramid)
  2. Direct CAD import capabilities
  3. CAD manipulation and decomposition tools
  4. Mesh wizard for rapid solution set-up and easy back and forth operation
  5. Buffer cell and boundary layer insertion for high quality cells in boundary layer regions
  6. Automatic refinement procedures based on user defined sensors either next to solid walls or at specified area in the domain
  7. Multi domain capabilities allowing the treatment of CHT and multi-part geometry models
  8. Full non-matching multi-block connection, allowing multi-row turbomachinery meshing

Customization to User Specific Features

  • All commands python based and accessible through scripts
  • Users can develop their own scripts for batch mode operation into CAE design cycle or optimization loop.