Computational Fluid Dynamics

Numerical simulation is a method of solving complex fluid dynamic calculations of liquid and gaseous media. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations are based on model equations such as Euler, Navier-Stokes or Lattice-Boltzman. CFD simulations are a cost and time effective alternative to physical model testing such as wind tunnel tests or towing tank tests.

An Invaluable Tool

CFD and other Numerical Simulation software are invaluable tools for the analysis and optimisation of high quality, efficient systems and machines. However, not all companies can justify the time and expense of the software, training and specialist personnel required to benefit from these programs.

Flow Numerics is here to help!

Let us use our experience and skills to help you with your design and optimisation projects. We can use the complete range of CFD, Otimisation and Simulation software tools availble from Numeca.

Industrial Applications

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Architecture

  • Medicine

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Construction industry

  • Marine and Offshore industry

  • Pipe systems

  • Equipment design

  • Plant construction

  • Space travel

  • Vehicle and aircraft construction



  • RANS-Simulation
  • LES, DES.....Simulation
  • DNS-Simulation
  • Lattice-Boltzman simulations
  • Steady and Unsteady-Simulation
  • Acoustic Simulations
  • FSI (Fluid Structure Interaction) 




Draft Tube Simulation