Academic Membership

Academic Membership for Research Centers and Universities.

Are you a teacher or a researcher?

Our Academic Membership extends at a surprisingly low rate the capabilities of our Student Version with:

About OpenLabs™:

The unique OpenLabs™ technology combines the advantage of an Open CFD code with a highly powerful & fully supported industrial and quality assured software environment.

  • OpenLabs™ is a dialogue system with the underlying CFD code FINE™/Open accessing its routines and sources in a Lab in easy text format, allowing unlimited customization for your own code usage.
  • Create or download Labs from the NUMECA library and benefit from a free wide community experience through the NUMECA forum.

FINE™/Open with OpenLabs allows users to freely develop and exchange physical models in CFD, with a new open approach to CFD. Complex programming tasks are avoided through the use of an easy meta-language.  For more details on FINE™/Open with OpenLabs, please click here.


The licensed programs shall not be used for consulting activities or in a service bureau or network type operation, which is directly or indirectly competitive with services available for commercial service organizations.